Snake Brand

Fresh. Dry. Cool.

What's the Legend of Snake Brand?

Snake Brand Cooling Powder is manufactured in Thailand by The British Dispensary Co., Ltd, one of the oldest family-owned healthcare businesses in Asia. 

The company has always traded under the snake and arrow trademark. The image of the snake represents "sickness" and the arrow is the "cure". For generations, this iconic logo has provided a reassuring sign of quality and is an instantly recognisable brand across Asia.

70 Years of Snake Brand

Haven't you heard about Snake Brand?

How do I know if I need Snake Brand Cooling Powder?

Besides offering relief from prickly heat rash, the cooling and absorbent properties of Snake Brand powders provide many other benefits.

Check this fact sheet to see how Snake Brand can help you.

"Keep reordering this. I love using it after a shower. Thank you."

Ms Christine Jackson

"Great stuff - at last something that actually works on prickly heat. Have already ordered again for this summer holiday."

Rita V.