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Fast Relief from Prickly Heat Rash

Snake Brand


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prickly heat rash symptoms

Prickly heat rash can occur in both adults and children. Common symptoms include the development of a rash, often accompanied by an uncomfortable burning, itchy or prickly sensation.

It will appear on the skin as small raised bumps, reddish in colour and can cover small or large areas of skin. All parts of the body can be affected, including the face. Severe cases may lead to blistering and infection if left untreated. 

Prevention & treatment

If symptoms appear, keep out of direct sunlight. Stay indoors in a cool room and use air conditioning if available.

For infants and babies, seek medical advice.

Adults and children over the age of 12 can benefit greatly by using Snake Brand Prickly Heat Cooling Powder. This product has been specifically designed to provide rapid relief from heat rash and is noted for its effectiveness.

banish your heat rash

heat rash at work

There's nothing worse than feeling hot and sticky at work. Thankfully, Snake Brand Cooling Powder can bring a level of comfort to long days or nights spent in the most unforgiving of workplaces. Apply to the skin and experience a degree of freshness and dryness you haven't felt before.

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heat rash on holiday

Beach holidays in hot weather can be pretty uncomfortable if you suffer with heat rash.

Make sure you stock up with Snake Brand Cooling Powder before your trip and enjoy the holiday of a lifetime!

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heat rash & fitness

Yes, Snake Brand Cooling Powder can give you an extra edge during and after fitness training. Apply liberally to those areas of the skin which become tender or sore during exercise. Snake Brand will keep you feeling drier for longer, adding a small measure of comfort to your training routine.

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"Brilliant product - a must buy!"

"Fantastic product - didn't suffer with prickly heat at all during my 2 week holiday in Costa Rica (37degree heat!)

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"This is aircon in a tin"

"I hate sweating. Splashing some of this across areas prone to sweat keeps them nice and dry. The initial coolness that the powder gives last for a good while and really calms my skin."

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"it works"

"This stuff is great. Really cooling for prickly heat, it stops the itching and calms the inflamation. I've used it on insect bites too and it seems to have the same effect. Recommended if you're travelling somewhere hot."

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"This has been a repeat order. The product is amazing, very good for all itchy skin conditions, I recommend it highly."

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